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Miss Goody & Co.

Three women and a baby girl sit on a couch.
Old copies of "Miss Goody," a newspaper column.

Ye olde food blog...

Back when you could get two pounds of strawberries for $0.89, a package of Hershey chocolate chips for $0.44, and a can of tomato soup for $0.04, my Great Nana had a food column in her local newspaper. Ye olde food blog, if you will. She went by Miss Goody.


Times were different. She listed her home address and telephone number at the end of each column, inviting “questions and suggestions.” Each week she would share recipes that readers passed along to her. She tried them out with her family and printed the ones she found worth sharing.


Some of the recipes are timeless, like Berry Pie and Cake Mix Cookies. Other recipes are best kept in the past, like her Molded Shrimp Salad recipe. It called for canned shrimp, deviled eggs, and gelatin, among other things. I don’t think I’ll be making that one anytime soon.


There’s a lot more to the story of Miss Goody & Co. that I’ll share as time goes on. But, as I dive into my family history, I am curious to taste the food my Great Nana served to her children and grandchildren (my mom and her mom included). So feel free to come along as I try a Miss Goody recipe here and there with my family of taste-testers. There will be triumphs and failures, but we’ll all learn a thing or two along the way! 

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