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How to Name a Home Bakery: Prompts & Inspiration

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and start a home bakery, congrats! It’s an exciting decision, but one that comes with a long to-do list. That includes coming up with a name!

Naming a small business can be a daunting task, but it’s one of the first things you need to do. You can’t file paperwork, get the proper certification, or even market your brand until you’ve chosen a name. So it’s kind of important!

If you have a major case of whatever the version of writer’s block is for naming businesses, all you need is a stroke of inspiration. To get the creative juices flowing, I’ve put together a list of ideas to help you come up with a home bakery name that feels right for you.

Base your business name off of your name

We’ll start with the low-hanging fruit, but business names don’t have to be creative or punny to be successful. Just consider baking powerhouses like Sally’s Baking Recipes, Cake by Courtney, or Baked by Melissa. No frill, just a simple, straightforward name that tells customers exactly what they’re in for.

Back when owning a bakery was just a far-off thought, I really liked the name "Connors & Sons Baking Co." I liked that it sounded like an old-school bakery that had been around for generations.

I didn’t even have kids yet. It was actually loosely based on the fact that I had two male pets at the time. It was kind of an inside joke to myself. Little did I know, many years later, I would actually have two sons.

If you’re thinking about using your first, last, middle, or even maiden name in your business name, try some of these iterations out for size.

  • [Name’s] Sweet Treats

  • [Name’s] Cakes and More

  • [Name] Bakes for You

  • [Name’s] Baking Co.

  • [Name's] Bakery

  • [Name's] Home Bakery

  • Homemade by [Name]

  • Baked Fresh by [Name]

Name your business after a meaningful location

The view from the front seat of a car with the road ahead, mountains to the left and a map in the foreground.

Whether it's your hometown, your alma mater, the street you grew up on, or a city you’ve always wanted to visit, naming your business after a place that’s important to you could be an option. You could even use regional names or nicknames for your area (which are great for search engine optimization!).

  • [Location] Bakery

  • [Location] Baked Goods

  • Homemade in [Location]

  • Baked Fresh in [Location]

  • [Location] Cakes/Cookies/Cupcakes/Pies/Pastries/Whatever your specialty is!

Use bakery synonyms for a business name with flair

A baker dusting pastries with powdered sugar.

If you’re feeling fancy, consider building your business name around bakery-related words in English or even in other languages. Just be sure that your business’ brand matches the name. Also, keep in mind that people may not be as familiar with less universally known names, so it might not be as clear what your business is to some.

  • [Name/location] Bake Shop

  • [Name/location] Pastry Shop

  • [Name/location] Confectionary

  • [Name/location] Pâtisserie

  • [Name/location] Bakehouse

Look to your pets for business name inspiration

At the inception of Belly Rubs Bakery, I had no children, but I did have a pup who loved getting his belly rubbed. It didn’t matter who you were, once he met you, he’d be on his back in no time just waiting for the proper attention.

We used to joke that he didn’t make a very good guard dog and that if anyone tried to break into our house he would just greet them and instantly ask for belly rubs. It was one of his most endearing qualities and giving belly rubs was something we spent a lot of our time doing.

Ultimately, after a lot of brainstorming, Belly Rubs Bakery was decidedly the winner. My husband and I thought it was great. A lot of farmer's market customers thought we made treats for dogs. But that’s a story for another time…

Anywho, pets make for great inspiration when naming a business. If a company like Blue Buffalo could do it, then so can you!

Incorporate alliteration for an unforgettable business name

Studies have shown that alliteration can help our brains recall things better later on. By this logic, using alliteration can be a powerful way to make an impression on customers and make it easier for people to remember your business name off the top of their heads.

For example, if your name is Mary and you specialize in macarons, your business name could just about smack you in the face! Even if they don’t start with the same letter, but sound the same, that works too. Think “Kelly’s Cakes” or “Phoebe’s Fudge” (disclaimer: I thought of these off the top of my head, so if these businesses already exist, it’s a happy coincidence!).

Name your home bakery after a loved one

The silhouette of a man and woman sitting on a bench.

There’s no better way to honor an influential person in your life than to name your business after them. Whether your aunt taught you everything there is to know about baking or you want to acknowledge the sister who practically raised you, people will connect with a business name that has a powerful meaning behind it.

It could be something as simple as your parents’ initials or a nickname you used for a grandparent. You could incorporate the street your loved one lived on, a house number, the car they drove, their favorite color… you name it!

If this is an idea you like, try this exercise: picture your loved one for a moment and note what comes to mind. Is it a scent? A time of year? A body of water? Regardless of what it is, try fitting it into a business name and see what you think.

Try a business name generator

If all else fails and you’re seriously stuck, just Google “business name generator” and tons of options will pop up. It’s not the most personal approach, but you could get a result you fall in love with. Even if you don’t like what it spits out at you, it could provide you with the inspiration you need to come up with a name on your own.

While these name generators are free, beware that they are typically attached to businesses that could ultimately benefit if you were to buy the web domain through them, produce marketing materials through them, or receive legal services from them. While these are all valuable things when starting a business, just a) don’t be surprised by this and b) make sure you don’t jump at the first service provider without researching whether there may be a better one out there for you.

Business name inspiration is all around you

Agonizing over a business name can be stressful and can make starting a small business feel incredibly daunting. While you should put some thought and consideration into the name, it shouldn’t be something that stops you from pursuing your dream in the first place.

Use these ideas as a starting point for some inspiration to name your bakery. Even if you don’t end up using any of these prompts, it could help to dust off the cobwebs and lead you in the right direction!

How did you decide on a name for your business? Did you use any of these ideas to come up with a name? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at or catch up on Facebook and Instagram.


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