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The Full Story


Belly Rubs Bakery was an idea conjured up during a long Midwestern road trip. Years of saying some day turned into why not now? A lot of plans were made in that car, and once set into motion, they turned into a freight train that couldn't be slowed down. 


The OG Belly Rubs Bakery

was a dream come to fruition; my very own home bakery. I found a local farmers market and let family and friends know I was open for business and taking custom orders. Soon, I was getting custom cake orders (not my specialty!), and being the people pleaser I am, I couldn't refuse. As it turned out, baking and decorating cakes was really fun! Making special events even more special with baked goods became my baby; that is, until one particular bun in the oven came along. Running a business and decorating cakes, all while working full time, is time consuming! So in order to devote time to my growing family, I hung up my Belly Rubs Bakery apron in December 2020.

Belly Rubs 2.0

is entirely for fun. Writing, unlike baking, can start and stop whenever you like...or need. Owning, managing and financing a home bakery is hard! I am by no means an expert, but I learned from a lot of mistakes and am happy to share my experience with fellow home bakers who may be looking for guidance or just someone to commiserate with.

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